Simple, Fast, and Effective Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Software

Did you know 86% of businesses won’t exist two years after a significant event?

Build your in-house capability for emergency and disaster recovery with our easy, proven software platform that moves with your business.

ResilienceTec is the proven benchmark to effectively keep your business safe from any major threat.

First launched in 2011, it is the premium cloud-based software for emergency planning and response – designed to help your business respond and recover faster. Plus, there are brand-new cyber security and response modules to protect your most important asset of all – your customers’ data.

The platform enables all of this through a centralised master copy that ensures consistency of response across your entire organisation. The software helps your business lower its risk profile and ensure compliance to regulatory and legal requirements.

It’s about giving your organisation the peace of mind of being prepared not just for the big natural disasters – such as fire, flood or earthquake – but also the everyday risks.

Perhaps a power outage? Or the toilets suddenly overflow?
Our easy-to-use, highly responsive business continuity and emergency planning platform enables the business to easily build an agile disaster response plan.

Designed to develop capability for your people and business, ResilienceTec’s software is flexible enough to move with you throughout the business lifecycle while still offering the certainty of long-term planning and on-call customer support.

Most importantly, it means your business will be nimble in the face of unplanned events, allowing you to survive, succeed and thrive in the wake of a disaster or cyberattack.

ResilienceTec was designed to provide robust emergency planning and disaster recovery tailored to the specific needs of your business without the need for expensive consultants. You can review and update the plan annually.

Our business continuity and emergency planning platform guides you through the process of building a disaster response and cyber security plan tailored to your business needs so that you can take the panic out of action and make robust decisions in chaos.

Designed by experts in emergency response planning

ResilienceTec will help you to identify potential risks, make preparations for emergencies, and build an emergency response plan that will help your business both be more secure and bounce back after any emergency.

Response plans tailored to your specific business needs.

The ResilenceTec platform provides business continuity and recovery plans tailored to the individual industry, business functions, services and products and the unique risks that your business faces.

  • 1

    Business continuity plans

    Prepare your business to bounce back after disaster strikes with our robust business continuity planner.
    1. Minimise disruption, damage, down time and loss of income.
    2. Keep your team employed, earning and financially secure.
    3. Give your customers and suppliers confidence with a strong business continuity plan.
    4. Protect your assets, plant and equipment, and your reputation.

  • 2

    Emergency response planner

    Get your personalised disaster recovery plan in place, protect your business, and plan ahead for any cyberattack, emergency, or natural disaster that threatens your business.
    1. Ensure your team know exactly what to do before, during, and after a crisis.
    2. Know your mission-critical information and contacts are stored safely in the cloud.
    3. Update and access your plan and guide anytime, from anywhere.
    4. Minimise the impact of business interruption on your operations.

  • 3

    Manage business risks

    Identify threats to your business and design response plans that are ready to implement.
    1. Risk assessment that identifies and quantifies all possible risks that your business faces.
    2. Business impact analysis that identifies how potential threats to your business may impact your day-to-day operations.
    3. Put in place risk mitigation measures to ensure key functions of the business to continue in a crisis.
    4. Make sure your team is trained and knows what to do in a crisis with easy-to-access emergency response plans.

  • 4

    Business compliance

    Know your requirements under the law and ensure your business is compliant.
    1. Peace of mind that your business is compliant with the law.
    2. Meet your legal obligations, manage your liability.
    3. Protect your assets, plant and equipment, and your reputation.

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