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Don’t take our word for it… let our clients tell you how they have used ResilienceTec to successfully de-risk their business and enjoy the peace of mind from being prepared.

The tool is brilliant and easy to use. It has really brought to light the absolute necessity of having an emergency recovery system in place. I should have done this a long time ago.

Tania Iskra, The Clinic Altona, VIC, Australia

I understand the need for all businesses to have clear emergency plans, as in a previous role I worked in corporate banking and one of my roles was planning for branches. When I saw ResilienceTec I knew that it was an essential tool for our business to use.  I have found ResilienceTec easy to use and it allows me to customise the plan specifically for my business. This was also helped by the support that the tool gave me, it was like having an expert at my fingertips. I would recommend ResilienceTec to all businesses.

Amanda Heyward, Business Manager, A1 Automotive, Auckland, New Zealand

As a small operator, working with external contractors and clients, I need to be mobile and prepared. Planning for the continuity of my business and having all the information readily accessible is a priority. The ResilienceTec software helps not only to put this into perspective but to do something about it. It’s easy to use and asks me questions about things I have never thought of before. I now have an emergency plan – just in case. Better to be safe than sorry. And ready to go.

Fiona McHardy, Leftfield Ltd, Small Business Consultant, Wellington, New Zealand

Prior to using the tool we had a contingency plan for two of our practices, which were relatively basic. I found the format and templates much more comprehensive, and practical in its application. The tool is user friendly and prompts MDAS staff to search essential information needed in a time of emergency. During the planning process the tool generated community conversation about contingency planning and how we fit in with other essential services such as hospitals in the local area. There were many parts that had not been included previously in our contingency plans.

Letitia Mallee, District Aboriginal Health Service, VIC, Australia

I would like to congratulate you on the tool… it took no time at all, and made several of my other documents obsolete… I could attach other documents/manuals to the plan, and to have access for everything I need from one point… I particularly liked the options to ‘grey’ out areas that were not applicable to the practice – I really cannot think of any way to improve the tool, and the fact I completed it in a day goes to show how very easy it is.

Julie Steel, Practice Manager, Maffra Medical Centre, VIC, Australia

It is a fantastic tool and the ease of use in a large facility such as Central Australian Aboriginal Congress is an understatement. We are using it across 15 sites. The ability to be able to reduce some policies to a one page document is fantastic…. Additionally the ability to update the information in a quick and easy format makes this tool highly valuable.

Jenny Jacobsen, Amoonguna Health Service Aboriginal Corporation, NT, Australia