An expert at your side if disaster strikes

ResilienceTec offers personalised, continuous and effective emergency planning. It is the easiest and most secure way to protect your business against cyber security attacks or other modern risks.

Thousands of partners and businesses trust ResilienceTec to help them with practical disaster-proofing to recover faster from any kind of emergency.

De-risk your business through robust planning. Use the proven emergency response planner that is easy to use. Get your business back up and running faster.

With a wide range of experience across all business sectors, ResilienceTec makes it easy to plan for any kind of emergency. Our platform tailors to your business to help you develop, implement and maintain business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

We have been developing decision support tools for the health sector since 2005 and have been operating cloud-based emergency planning systems since 2011.

ResilienceTec has been built on the world-beating Healthpoint platform, which provides the national emergency planning tool to general practice in Australia. In New Zealand ResilienceTec is extensively used throughout the health sector. Since then the platform has been developed to help you protect your business from all kinds of threat – from fire to cyber security attacks.

The ResilienceTec platform provides `peace of mind’ for organisations who use it, across all sectors and industries. Whatever your business, you can trust you are considering all aspects and contingencies for rapid recovery following an emergency or unexpected event. The platform is proven, based on our team’s expert knowledge established over time.

We created ResilienceTec because we firmly believe every business should be ready to recover from any type of disaster, no matter their size.

Years of expertise

From our roots ensuring business continuity for health care providers we have grown to become leading providers of emergency planning software for all sectors of business.


Winner NZ Computerworld Excellence in the use of IT: Health sector


Incorporated in Australia
First Australian General Practice live with Emergency Response Planning Tool
Partnered with Australian College of GPs


NZHIT - finalists in innovation awards
White label partnerships launched



Company incorporated in New Zealand


ResilienceTec Emergency Response Planning software live in first NZ General Practice


Finalist NZ Innovation awards - Healthcare & Science


Cyber-security policy and response modules added


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